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August 2, 2009

New Bonus Offer by Worldlinx

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Have you just missed out on some easy cash? Join our mailing list today and get paid to read updates like this one! You can earn up to $0.05 for every paid email. New free toolbar. With over 600 downloads in just two weeks, our toolbar is already very popular. Keep up to date with live feeds from this blog and our Twitter page, and access the Browse Ads page instantly at any time, no matter where you are on the web! Visit to download your free copy today! New viral tool in development. We’re busy creating a new way to promote your referral links using the power of viral marketing. This will be another feature totally unique to WordLinx and will incorporate technology from a leading viral network. More news soon! New upgrade bonus. To say thank you to all the members who have helped support WordLinx by upgrading, we have created a brand new referral bonus. Upgraded members will now earn a massive $5.00 USD for every referral that upgrades to our new (and highly popular) Verified Plus membership. The bonus will be added to your account automatically, just like regular upgrade bonuses and will be available to view on the Referrals page next to Upgrade Bonuses. This gives all upgraded members a way to earn serious cash for promoting our site. Verified, Verified Plus and Premier members will be able to reach half their cashout level instantly with just one VP upgraded referral! Pro members will reach their cashout level right away. Add this to the huge earning potential that WordLinx already provides and you have all the tools for a great automatic income! Upgraded members should login and click Referrals, then click What You Will Earn to find out more. If you are not currently upgraded, there’s never been a better time! Login and click My Account, then click View Upgrade Features for more information. If you no longer wish to receive updates in your email like this one, please login and click My Account, then click Update Profile / Change Settings and uncheck the ‘Receive email’ box.


June 27, 2009

Are you Looking for Jobs?

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The Internet created a new, fast and effective way to search for jobs. Now the job search is easier than ever before. There are hundreds of online job databases ranging from major national sites like and to regional resources like Both types of resources should be included in your online job search, especially if you need to find a job in a specific geographic area.


The national databases do not necessarily include all of the local job listings for your area. The job search engines are a good place to start. It’s like one-stop shopping; these sites let you search many of the major job databases all at once. Using them will save time searching the individual job databases, but keep in mind that browsing the individual databases can sometimes be very rewarding. You can also post your resume and apply directly for positions online.


Some sites will require you to register, however we recommend that you do not give out personal information like your social security number. There are many good resources out there that do not require personal information. If you are concerned about a current employer accessing your email, sign up for a free email account and use that for your job search. If you know which companies you would like to work for, the best option is to go to their web-site and apply from there directly.  


Practically all companies have a job/career section on their web-site which gives contact information and/or allows you to apply online. Reviewing frequently asked interview questions can be very effective and goes a long way in getting the most out of your interview. So visit our question and answer section to get started!

Home Job’s for Mothers

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If you are a new mother, the top things on your mind are the care for your beloved baby, his nappy periods, his illnesses, and your work! Do you know many new mothers go into depression thinking how should they carry out their earlier jobs while caring for their babies? No wonder many of them leave their jobs giving priority to their baby, which is the right thing to do. But those qualified moms cannot sit idle in their homes. Therefore, searching for “work at home” jobs becomes their priority thereafter. There are literally thousands of jobs waiting for you. Right from simple data entry jobs to home based MLM jobs; you have a wide variety to choose from. Most women go for hassle-free jobs that can be done in part time and without any investment. However, some business oriented women may also opt for some jobs that satiate their business appetite right within the four walls of house. It might be email marketing or eBay selling. List of jobs that are “Hot” work at home opportunities for mothers: 1) Freelance writing: ever wondered how much writers are in demand? With apt knowledge of English and grammar, you can be a master writer within few days. You can choose work with minimal investment on various freelance writing job portals or can contact any company that wants technical writers for their particular product or service. Similarly medical transcriptions jobs are available for such young moms. 2) EBay selling: if you have a flair for marketing and selling any of the products that can have market value, eBay is the place for you. Right from your unused furniture to cookery set, you can sell virtually everything on eBay. There are certain things that you must learn for selling on eBay like finding the niche market and finding the product with high demand. If you are consistent in your efforts, eBay can provide you huge returns no doubt. 3) Write an e-book: Writing an e book can provide you part time job that can help you earn good money. You can even write an e-book about your own business and thus the returns will be double, in the sense, you will promote your business well as well as your e book may find good market. It is always said that a good e book always has buyers thronging for it. So, learn the nuances of writing a perfect e book and utilize your time for mental as well as financial satisfaction. 4) MLM Marketing: When your child is little older, you can think of entering into MLM business marketing that may flourish your business genre right from the comforts of your home. You may join any standard affiliate program or start your own business. Learn all the skills possible to remain in the competition and it will give you amazing returns.

June 25, 2009

What is affiliate market?

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Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most significant ways of generating money on the internet. It is a process in which an affiliate is rewarded for the visitors, subscribers, customers, and sales generated through his/her efforts. A more comprehensive definition is as under:

“Affiliate marketing is a business association in which a business entity allows an affiliate to promote his merchandize and/or services on the internet through an affiliation link and get paid.”

An affiliate drives traffic via his website to a merchant’s site. The merchant may be selling a product e.g. computer, books, furniture, or they may be service providers e.g. consultants, signing on clients e.g. a bank. The merchant pays you a commission once the visitor has completed the desired action e.g. bought a product or completed a registration form.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

  1. You have to get affiliated with some business entity.
  2. Get your affiliate link.
  3. Register a domain name of your website (not needed if you have already one).
  4. Develop a website, paste that affiliate link on your website and upload it to your domain.
  5. When the visitors of your website click on the affiliate link they will go to the merchant’s site. If visitors do the task desired by the merchant i.e. buy some product or register themselves, the merchant will pay you.
  6. You aim simply to drive as much targeted traffic as possible to your affiliate link. The more traffic you generate the more commission you will get from your merchant.

Beauty of Affiliate Marketing

The beauty of affiliate marketing is this, once your site is up and running, you can continue to earn money from it whether you are sleeping, on holiday or driving. A little effort is required afterwards to maintain and run the campaign, and an online money transferring account in which you can get transfer your money easily.

But if you want to be number one among your competitors then you will have to learn new technologies, methods and put some extra effort to roll.



June 19, 2009

AlertPay in Pakistan – How AlertPay works?

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This article will tell you how do AlertPay works in Pakistan and how do we get paid from AlertPay. AlertPay is a payment processor same as PayPal and luckily it includes our country too in their list. It’s not the best option for processing payments in Pakistan but most of the PTC sites support this payment processor.

First of all you would have to register an account with AlertPay and it’s very easy and free. You can visit their website for registering.

> AlertPay

After free registration they will ask you to verify your account for this purpose you need following things to upload in verify tab which you can find in AlertPay website user account tab.

> You will upload a scanned copy from back side of you NIC card.

> You have to upload a proof of your address for this I had uploaded a scanned copy of my electricity utility bill.

In some days they will verify your account. Then you can use this account for PTC sites as well as for transferring money too.

How they transfer money?

They have only one option for Pakistani free users to transfer money which is via check. It takes 1 week to receive check from them at your doors step for any bank. To cash that check you have to go to the mentioned bank on check and they will resend that check back to the AlertPay’s bank for verification and clearance. This whole process can take 15 – 35 days and then they will pay you money once your check is cleared.

That is why I don’t like AlertPay but we have to use it :). Personally I like money bookers because they have wire transfer option thru which we can receive money in bank account within 4 – 5 days. If you still have any confusion than kindly contact me or comment here. Thanks

Kind Regards