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July 8, 2009

Story of a Fighter

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It’s a story of Mr. Qalandar Khan Resident of a little village Miandad Corona, near Risalpur NWFP who is one of my dear one whom I push always, even I feel some time guilty for doing nothing for him but as I mentioned above I am keep pushing him towards hope for good. He is now a student of Alama Iqbal Open University and doing his graduation along with I am trying to push him in the Bloggers world where he can write down his daily experience, and feel a fresh air after expressing his impressions.

Story Starts from Here… 

This is the dark age of competition. Every one is looking forward and never looks behind such as Lucy gray. This poem is written by willium wordsworth.

 Lets to read a stanza of this poem in which I shall discuss the word “behind”

 “Yet some maintain that to this day she is a living child

That you may see that Lucy gray upon the lone some wind

Over rough and smooth she trips along and never looks behind.”

So I was talking about the word behind. In this Dark Age we have totally forgotten our past and we never look behind.

          I am also one of them. I neither read the past nor write about the past. I am also a competitor and compete every one in every walk of life. During this competition I become THREE IN ONE.

Lets to explain what is THREE IN ONE.

For the first time in my life I join a Chinese company CLJV {Crescent Lioning Joint venture} as a security guard and I started my job with less salary of Rs 1800.

          It is not enough for me but I continue my job. In our company there were great mechanics for auto workshop there was a big store in which you will find every kind of spare parts for vehicles. There were three power electricians. When the power failed they operate the generator. They became my friend because their office was beside to our office. So I decided to learn the magic methods of electrician. So I said to them that I want to become an electrician. They accepted my request and I began hard work to become an electrician. At last I become a power electrician.

          During this stage I got admission in the FCC (Frontier Computer College) and successfully completed my one year diploma in computer programming. When the Chinese company completed their project they terminated the entire officer and the entire labourer. But I have a great hope for a job because I was an electrician and a diploma holder.

          But in think that every will be astonish to hear that now I am a Mason and working for the whole day long in the direct sun light. But still I hope that I am Three in One.

I never look behind. Because no young men ever think he shall die. He may believe that others will.


Assent to be doctrine that men are moral but he could bring it home to himself individually.

          Who will be the successful man in this mortal world……?

I think the successful man is that who prepare for Hereafter. If we keep the Islamic virtues we will be success I our life otherwise ………

میں پاس ہو گیا ہوں مگر پھر بھی فیل ہوں

                                                                       تعلیمی اداروں کے ہاتھو میں کھیل ہوں

جسکا نشانہ جائے غلط میں وہی غلیل ہوں

میں حاک میں ملا ہوا مٹی کا تیل ہوں