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October 31, 2009

Pakhtoons in Pakistan Blame U.S. Blackwater For Deadly Blast

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SLAMABAD, Pakistan, 29 October 2009 (Xinhua) – Chief of Pakistani-Pashtun Movement in Pakistan Hakimullah Mehsud has blamed the controversial American private firm Blackwater [Xe Services] for the bomb blast in Peshawar which killed over 117 [Pakistani] people, local news agency NNI reported Thursday.

The bomb, exploded at a crowded market at Chowk Yadgar [in Peshawar, Pakistan] on Wednesday [28 October 2009], also injured more than 250 [Pakistani] people.

Hakimullah Mehsud told media that if Pakistani-Pashtuns can carry out attacks in Islamabad and target Pakistan Army’s headquarters, then why they should target general public.

He claimed that American security agency Blackwater [Xe Services] and Pakistani agencies are involved in attacks in public places to [maliciously] blame the militants.

When asked that the people also think that the militants are involved in such attacks, the Pakistani-Pashtun leader was quoted as saying: “Our war is against the [PPP-ANP-MQM-JUIF corrupt and tyrannical] government and the security forces [of Pakistan] and not against the [Pakistani] people. We are not involved in blasts.”

Azam Tariq, the Pakistani-Pashtun spokesman, who was accompanying Hakimullah [Mehsud], warned that those [corrupt] media organizations [Geo News TV, ARY News TV, Dawn News TV, Dunya News TV, Samaa TV, Express News TV, Aaj TV, Business Plus TV, Channel 5 TV, Indus News TV, News One TV, PTV,  Radio Pakistan, and other corrupt mercenary media of Pakistan] could be targeted which are [illegally and maliciously] defaming Pakistani-Pakhtoons.

Information Minister of Northwest Frontier Province [NWFP] Iftikhar Hussain and the Pakistan Army spokesman Major-General Athar Abbas had [falsely, fraudulently and maliciously] blamed militants [without any legal evidence or prosecutable proof] for the Peshawar blast, [wrongly] saying that the militants are facing defeat in South Waziristan tribal region and are now targeting the people.

Pakistan Car Bomb Toll Passes 100LONDON, UK, 29 October 2009 (BBC) –  he head of the Pakistani-Pakhtoon Movement has denied responsibility for the [U.S. drone-missile or bomb] attack [of 28 October 2009 in Peshawar, Pakistan].

Hakimullah Mehsud told the BBC that the latest attack was orchestrated by the Americans and Pakistani intelligence agencies “to malign the name of the Pakistani-Pakhtoons”.

“If we are able to attack sensitive installations… as well as the [Pakistan Army] General Headquarters [GHQ], then why would we need to attack ordinary people?” he asked in brief telephone interview.

“Our war is only against the [corrupt and tyrannical PPP-ANP-MQM-JUIF] government and the security forces [of Pakistan]. The common people are not part of it”, he replied.

The BBC’s Syed Shoaib Hasan in Islamabad [Pakistan] says that Mr. [Hakimullah] Mehsud’s denial of Pakistani-Pashtuns’ involvement is likely to be met with much scepticism, even though an increasing number of people do not rule out the involvement of U.S. security agencies in attacks in the country.

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October 21, 2009

Yes you can change, Yes I can change, Yes we can change

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This article  contains the  thoughts of a common man in Pakistan elaborated by, Muhammad Arshad who is also a very well known writer and a very Kind, gentle and loving person.

First we must recognize our enemy:  As ordained  by the Almighty, “Yahood-o-Nasara kabhi tumharey dost nahi ho saktey ”  (Al-Quran) and “Yahood-o-Nasara ko dost nah banao, woh aik dosray kay dost hain aur jis nain un ko dost banaya, woh un main say ho gaya” (Al-Quran).  I never want to be a part of  those who are killing my own Muslim brethren, even if they are right now on the wrong path but they are forced to do that because of our so called “Mohib-e-Watan Democratic Rulers  and the Army”. Yes, there should be no compromise on the unity of Pakistan but on what price? War Against Terror?  First of all the terror has bever been defined by fraternity of nations i.e. the United  Nations. The Jihadis of the yesterday, when they were waging a heroic struggle against USSR, have become terrorists of today just because today they are struggling to evict the master of the Pakistan Politician, civil and military bureacy from Afghanistan and also from Pakistan. Is the war on terror our war?  No!  Never! Now here arises. What we have  gained or lost by siding with the War on Terror? The single and sole commodity the Pakistanis had in abundance by virtue of Islam, was the unity and we have lost   the same. The example of USSR is before us. Stockpiles of weaponry, either conventional or strategic, could not guarantee its survival and ultimately the USSR dismembered.  Pakistan is a no match even to nuclear minnows. Huh this war was  neither our war even yesterday nor today and nor will be tomorrow. So please don’t promote the product which has never been ours.

On the other hand, about joining the hands together for brighter Pakistan, yes I am with every one wants to do so but I have a few  reservations. One is, when there was a movement for restoration of  the Chief Justice, the whole nation was on its toes but when the innocent kinds were being slaughtered in Lal Masja, Jamia Hafsa, Madarassahs of NWFP and the Pathans in their own homes, their homes supposed to be the place of peace, by the American Drones being operated and controlled from our own territory, no one came and comes out on the roads. Why? Are the masses of Pakistan have become impotent. If they can come on the roads to save the Chief Justice of Pakistan, they also cauld  come on the roads to save the innocent kids  who were butchered just for demanding Islam, the very basis and the ideology behind the creation of Pakistan. So we ourselves have rendered the ideology of Pakistan null and void. Realistically speaking, we the Muslims of the Indian sub-continent have very unluckily been deceived by our Quaids, who had nothing to do with Islam, but were actually seculars at the core of their hearts and fully westernized. It was a very clumsy stroke of bad luck that the creation of Pakistan took place at the hands of seculars – the infidels – since there is no concept of secularism in Islam. If the creation of Pakistan had taken place at the hands of the Servants of God, it would have been in a very different condition – certainly very splendid. 60 years have passed and we are still in doubt, whether this country was created as a secular entity or a laboratory for Islam.   So we are like a  wayfarer who has no idea of his destination that where he has to go. A great  desert of uncertainty is sprawling in front of him and he is certainly doomed to perish in the vastness of this desert. Le1  us recall the days when the movement for Pakistan was on and the single and sole slogan being chanted by the Muslim masses of the Indian sub-continent was “Pakistan ka matalab kaya, La Illah Il Alla”. The destination was crystal clear. They wanted a country which could become a laboratory of Islam and the Muslims could lead a life according to the precepts of Islam. But what has happened to their dreams?  All have been shattered. Is there any way out.  Yes! Certainly! Shun the war on terror and also the America. Just impose the Islam in its true letter and spirit and pull away the ground under the feet of so called terrorists. Just imagine, what would be left with them to wage a war against Pakistan.

These things will never change as long as the US army is in occupation of our neighboring country, on our border, meddling in our affairs, our politicians, military and civil bureaucracy taking exotic dictation and remains servile to their personal and alien interests. Whatever administrative measures, either erection of walls around the government installations or their fortification, nothing is going to pay off and you will have to talk to them and sort the matter as it should be. Otherwise, in the nut shell, presently, Pakistan is like a rudderless ship that has spun out of control and ultimately doomed.

“Yes you can change, Yes I can change, Yes we can change”

How is the question?

My Answer is:

  1. Say “Yes to Allah” Follow the Quran in its true letter and spirit but  not as elaborated by some illiterate Mullahs.
  2. Believe “This war is against our Way of Living which is Islam, and they are terrified from it (some of us also fall in this category).
  3. Say “NO MORE” to US.
  4. Dispose off your duties honestly and believe that  it is  for your Pakistan and do not waste your valuable time”
  5. Always help others without demanding any remuneration.
  6. Love tyour youngers and respect your elders.
  7. Be a Proud Pakistani (always expect  for good, do not dishearten by bad news)
  8. Put a heroic struggle in every sphere of life  for Pakistan without thinking “What I can do”. Just do  always whatever you can.
  9. Think for future generations too but not only  for yourself.

October 2, 2009

Dialogue between Student and Teacher

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Here is an dialogue between Student (Khanzadajee) and Teacher (Idris Azad). Topic is “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LA ILAHA ILALLAH

khanzadajee: Assalam-o-Alikum

Idrees Azad: Wa alaicum Salam sorry main utha hua tha

Idrees Azad: Khair mubarak

Idrees Azad: aur aap ko b akhtar day mubarak sha

khanzadajee: its ohk sir ji

khanzadajee: so how is the day of eid-ul-fitre

Idrees Azad: fine r u zeb?

khanzadajee: yes

Idrees Azad: oh right. aap ko to etekaaf ki b mubarak ho

khanzadajee: khair mubarik

Idrees Azad: aap nay 10 din guzaray band ho kar

khanzadajee: hhahaha

khanzadajee: sir ji itna shaitan tu nahi hoo

khanzadajee: ke band ho giya

Idrees Azad: oh nahin yar

Idrees Azad: aray wah. ap nay to kamal bat badli

Idrees Azad: subhanallah

Idrees Azad: Allah ap ko aur aap kay ehl e khana ko khush rakhay

khanzadajee: yeh fun ap se hi seekha hai sir ji

khanzadajee: Ameen

Idrees Azad: aap ki hisse mazah hamaisha say bahut umda hay

khanzadajee: Allah apko khush rakhey

Idrees Azad: shukria aameen

khanzadajee: yeh uski karam nawazi hai

Idrees Azad: bay shak

khanzadajee: warna banda tu nacheez hai

Idrees Azad: yeh usi kareem ka karam hay

Idrees Azad: bay shak

khanzadajee: or sunaye sir ji ke sub theek thak hai

khanzadajee: Qasim ko meri taraf se Eid Mubarik keh dejiye ga

Idrees Azad: Allah ka shukar hay

Idrees Azad: qasim say keh dia wo abi online ho jai ga

Idrees Azad: zara pkanay main masroof hay

khanzadajee: acha kia pak raha hai

khanzadajee: sawiyan?

Idrees Azad: qorma.

Idrees Azad: murgh ka

khanzadajee: ammm monh me pani aa giya nam suntey hi

Idrees Azad: mujhay b bhook lagi hui hay

khanzadajee: acha….Qasim nak rooh hai uskey hath me ziaqa bhi acha ho g

Idrees Azad: han bahut hi acha zaiqa hota hay

Idrees Azad: isi liay to paka raha hay

khanzadajee: he is a very cute and gentlman

khanzadajee: I admire him

Idrees Azad: yes of course

Idrees Azad: aap kay bhai ka kia hal hay

Idrees Azad: unko meri taraf say eid mubarak keh dain

Idrees Azad: plz

khanzadajee: he is sleeping right now, but I will…..when he wokeup

khanzadajee: thanks

Idrees Azad: ok right

khanzadajee: sir ji in das ratoo me koshish ki ke LA ILAH HA ILALLAHO  ka matlab samjh sakoo

Idrees Azad: i m on call

khanzadajee: ohk

khanzadajee: take u r time

Idrees Azad: oh

Idrees Azad: very good

Idrees Azad: to kuch samajh aai?

Idrees Azad: plz tell me if you got something like samajh

khanzadajee: hahahaa

khanzadajee: well I got little bit

khanzadajee: which is Yakeen-e-Kamil

Idrees Azad: oh plz little bit is more than enough

khanzadajee: Nahi koi bhi Mabood magar Allah, jo Raziq, Malik, Khaliq or sub se barh kar Rehman

khanzadajee: Sirf Mangna Shart

Idrees Azad: bay shak

khanzadajee: or mangna humko nahi aata

Idrees Azad: koi shak nahin

Idrees Azad: magar baghari maangay b o wo deta hay

khanzadajee: 1 baba ji miley or unho ney bus 1 baat kahi ke chor de khudi ko wali ho jai ga

Idrees Azad: jab keh allama iqbal farmaatay han khudi ko buland kar to wali ho jai ga

Idrees Azad: mera apna aik sher hay.

khanzadajee: beshak woh rahim bhi hai

Idrees Azad: tu khuda hay to bina maangay ata kar sabko

Idrees Azad: kiun teray dar peh koi ban kay sawali jai

khanzadajee: subhannallah

Idrees Azad: jab koi aam insaan sadqa deta hay

Idrees Azad: to wo yeh nahin kehta keh jo mujh say mangay ga main usay dunga

khanzadajee: Allah ho Akbar

Idrees Azad: aam insan yeh b nahin kehta keh jo jitni aajzi saymaangay ga main usay utna ziada doonga

Idrees Azad: balkeh aam insaan ka amal us waqt khuda kay amal say behtar mehsoos hota hay kiunkeh ba qaol mulla kay khuda ka amal yeh hain keh wo minnatain karnay walon ko deta hay

Idrees Azad: aam insaan khuda say behtara amal wala kaisay ho sakta hay?

Idrees Azad: impossible

Idrees Azad: chunaacheh saabit hua keh khuda minnatain karnay ka nahin kehta

Idrees Azad: balkeh ham par chhorta hay

Idrees Azad: keh ham kis tarah usay maantay hain

Idrees Azad: aik zaalim baadshah ki tarah

Idrees Azad: ya aik raheem maan ki tarah

Idrees Azad: ya aik shafeeq bap ki tarah jis tarah eesaai maantay hain

Idrees Azad: to bat yeh keh allah ki sab sifaat hain.

Idrees Azad: aur ham kisi aik sifat kay peechay par kar yeh samajhnay lagtay hainkeh wohi sara allah hay

Idrees Azad: sab sifaat but hain. but parasti hay sifaat ki pooja

Idrees Azad: zat ki ibaadat nahin ki jaati usay apnay andar utaara jata hay

Idrees Azad: salaaat ka arbi main tarjama hay nizaam e islaah

Idrees Azad: namaz to lafz hi faarsi ka hay

Idrees Azad: isi tarah allah ta’ala say ro ro kar maangnay wola allah ko kia samajhta hay. keh wo koi baadshah hay

Idrees Azad: toba toba

Idrees Azad: doston say koi b ro ro kar nahin mangta

Idrees Azad: allah ko dost banao to yeh maslay nahin rehtay

Idrees Azad: i am sorry yar

khanzadajee: Sir ji kion sharminda kartey hai

khanzadajee: Aap ney tu sahi matlab batya hai LA ILAH ka

Idrees Azad: oh thanks

Idrees Azad: bas main to yahi kehta hun keh molvi ham say chhupaata hay. haqeeqat ko

Idrees Azad: aur bas

khanzadajee: bilkul sahi keha

Idrees Azad: thanks

khanzadajee: molvi bhut kuch chuppata hai

Idrees Azad:

Idrees Azad: yeh haqeeqi movi hay

khanzadajee: wow

Idrees Azad: hay keh nahin?

khanzadajee: he is such a good singer

Idrees Azad: of course

Idrees Azad: really he is

khanzadajee: Uffffffffffffffff

Idrees Azad: ham nay is banday ki qadar nahin ki

khanzadajee: yeh tu mai bhi manta hoo

khanzadajee: or is cheez per achi khasi chand parade bhi hotee hai meri

khanzadajee: becoz mery ghar me molvi ziyda hai

Idrees Azad: hahahah

khanzadajee: sir ji 1 baat ke ….Duniya Baghair Mehnat ke mil saktee hai magar Aakhirat baghair mehnat ke nahi milie gi, or is Din ke liye mehnat shart hai

Idrees Azad: aakhriat k liay sirf khaalis niyyat hona zaroori. baqi dunia b chalti rahay aur niyyat theek ho to akhrat theek hoti hay

Idrees Azad: bas

khanzadajee: Niyyat se murad?

Idrees Azad: innmal aamaalu binniyaat

Idrees Azad: hadis hay

Idrees Azad: aamaal ka daaro madar niyat par hay

khanzadajee: theek, magar niyyat ke sath kuch Farz bhi jurey hai

Idrees Azad: matalab?

khanzadajee: Nimaz, Roza Haj Zakat or La iLaha illalah

Idrees Azad: yeh badni tarbiat kay tareeqay hain. har mazhab aur qaom peh paai jatay hain. in ehmiyat is say ziada kuch nahin keh yeh izteraari halat main ulta mana ho jata hain

Idrees Azad: jismaani tarbiat zaroori hay magar dunia ka har kam agar theek niyat say ho to bas wo naiki hay

khanzadajee: Iztarai halat me ulta mana se mai kia samjhoo?

Idrees Azad: maslan jang main kul 2 rakat hotay hain aur aik rakat aik saf walay parh kar chalay jatay hain to doosri saf doosri rakat parhti hay. yeh quran main hay. isi tarah aurat ko haiz kay dino main mana hay. isi tarah nasha ki halat main namaz parhni mana hay

Idrees Azad: isi tarah roza beemar aur musaafir kay liay na rakhnay ki ijazat hay

Idrees Azad: to yeh hain jismaani tarbiat kay tareeqay

Idrees Azad: allah yeh nahin kehta keh meray aagay is tarah jhuko aur us tarah jhuko

Idrees Azad: bas wo kehta keh jis tarah b ho

Idrees Azad: shukar ada karo

Idrees Azad: aur dil say karo

Idrees Azad: main aap ko quran ki aik aayat sunaata hun aap hi faisala karain

Idrees Azad: innallazeen aamanoo

Idrees Azad: wallazeena haadoo

Idrees Azad: wannasaara

Idrees Azad: man aamana

Idrees Azad: billa hi

Idrees Azad: walyoumil

Idrees Azad: aakhiri

Idrees Azad: wa amila saalihan

Idrees Azad: falahum ajruhum

Idrees Azad: inda rabbihim

Idrees Azad: fala khaofun alaihim

Idrees Azad: wala hum yahzanoon

Idrees Azad: aur eeman walay

Idrees Azad: aur yahoodi

Idrees Azad: aur nasraani

Idrees Azad: aur sitaara parast

Idrees Azad: in main say jo

Idrees Azad: allah ko maanta hay aur aakhrat ko

Idrees Azad: aur saalih aamal karta hay

Idrees Azad: us kay liay allah kay pas ajar hay

Idrees Azad: aur un ko koi khaof nahin

Idrees Azad: aur un ko koi huzn nahin

Idrees Azad: ab in ayaat main 4 mazhab kay logon ko Quran nay nijaat ki khush khabri d hay

Idrees Azad: to kia ham is say ziada kia keh saktay hain keh asal cheez amal hay

Idrees Azad: allah ko hamari bhook say koi gharaz nahin

Idrees Azad: us ko hamari niyat say dilchaspi hay

khanzadajee: Agar mai sahih Niyyat se khao ke Ya Muhammad……tu kia theek ho ga?

Idrees Azad: bilkul theek hoga

Idrees Azad: 100 percent

Idrees Azad: agar aap ki niyat theek hogi to

Idrees Azad: aur agar niyat theek nahin hogi aur aap ya allah b kahin gay

Idrees Azad: to theek nahin hoga

khanzadajee: Magar Quran me 1 bar bhi Allah ney yeh nahi kaha ke Ya Muhammad………?

Idrees Azad: kia matlab?

Idrees Azad: allah nay to sara quran ya muhammad keh kar utaara

Idrees Azad: maslan ya ayuhal muddassir

Idrees Azad: ya ayyuhal muzammil

Idrees Azad: ya ayyuhannabi

Idrees Azad: muhammad to aik insan ka nam tha. quran main us insan ki sifat tak say pukara

Idrees Azad: aur phir zati nam bi 3 jaga ayaa

Idrees Azad: aur sara quran direct unhi say mukhatib kar kay utara gia

Idrees Azad: aap ka matlab kia hay is say?

Idrees Azad: aap mujhay aik bat batain

Idrees Azad: keh wo log jo musalmaan nahin hain

Idrees Azad: lekin bahut naik hain

Idrees Azad: un ka kia muaamla hoga?

Idrees Azad: jannat keh jahannam?

khanzadajee: jahnum

khanzadajee: Jannat ke liye musalman hona shart hai

khanzadajee: kionkey janat musalman ke liye banai gai hai

khanzadajee: Dasara Taira ahushaho ka kia matlab hai?

Idrees Azad: to kia yeh insaaf ka taqaza hay?

Idrees Azad: aap khud bolo

khanzadajee: Amal ke lehaz se

khanzadajee: ji han

Idrees Azad: asal main jo aayaat main nay ooper likhin

Idrees Azad: un main ghair mulsimon kay sath jo muaamla hoga

Idrees Azad: wo bataya gia hay

Idrees Azad: asal main islam ka matlab hay salaamti

Idrees Azad: aur jo b salaamti kay nizaam main yaqeen rakhta hay

Idrees Azad: wo musalman hay

Idrees Azad: aur jannat us ka ghar hay

Idrees Azad: asal main ham musalman salamti ko bhool chukay hain aur qatal aur zulm ikhtiar kar kay allah say jannat maangtay ahin

Idrees Azad: yahoodiyon ko b yahi wehm ho gia tha

Idrees Azad: jis ka quran main zika aya hai

Idrees Azad: keh wo kehtay thay keh jannat to sirf hamaray liay banai gai hay

Idrees Azad: islam salamti hay

Idrees Azad: sirf salaamti

Idrees Azad: agar aap aik mandir main aik but kay samnay kharay ho kar b allah waid ko pukartay hain to wo sunta hay

Idrees Azad: allah hamari namazon ko utha kr hamaray munh par day maarta hay. agar un main salaamti kay haq main ikhlaas nahin

Idrees Azad: masjid main uthak baithak karnay ka nam islam nahin (hazrat umar)

khanzadajee: Magar LA ILAHA ILLALAH shirt-e-awal hai ke nahi?

Idrees Azad: La ilaha illallah bay shak shart e awal hay magar arbi main parhna zaroori nahin agarcheh behtar hay. aur bahut behtar hay keh arbi main parha jai. ab agar aik jazeera hawai ka banda salamti ka qail hay to wo la ila illaha apni zabanmain keh rha hay

Idrees Azad: ham par arab ki tehzeeb laagoo ki jaanay ki koshish ghalat hay. islam ksi ilaqay ki tehzeeb ko nahin khatam karta

Idrees Azad: ham aaj jis islam ko maantay hain yeh musalman faatiheen ki waja say hamain mila

Idrees Azad: agar ham huzoor kay mizaj shanas hain to ham rahmatul lil aalameen kay naqsh e qadam par chalain gay

Idrees Azad: aur rahmat ka matlab to ap ko ata hoga

Idrees Azad: quran nay huzoor ko aalameen k liay rahmat kaha hay

Idrees Azad: salamti aur rahmat kay ilawa islam nay kabi koi bat nain ki

Idrees Azad: einstine musalman tha kiunkeh wo naik b tha aur aik khuda ka qail b tha

Idrees Azad: isi tarah laakhon log aur b hain

Idrees Azad: ham nay apni alag dukan kiun bana rakhi hay?

Idrees Azad: kia ham yahood kay naqsh e qadam par chaltay hain

khanzadajee: Dukan tu nasamjhi ki alamat hai

khanzadajee: warna islam tu itna nahi jitna hum paish kartey hai

khanzadajee: or duniya ko karobar banya howa hai, halankey jab Allah ke ahkam or Nabi ke tareqey Toot rahey ho tu musalman per duniya ka karobar karna haram hai

khanzadajee: Kia yeh fatwa theek hai?

To be Continued…………………..

Change Your Thinking

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After a long time of holidays I am back and I was looking to start but I was not sure from where I start. Suddenly I got an email from my one best Freind Mr. Muhammad Saleem Abbasi. After reading his email I got my the point to start. So I am going to start again with sharing this email. Just read what was in the email:….

It will take just 37 seconds to read this and change your thinking.

Two men, both seriously ill, occupied the same hospital room. One man was allowed to sit up in his bed for an hour each afternoon to help drain the fluid from his lungs. His bed was next to the room’s only window. The other man had to spend all his time flat on his back.

The men talked for hours on end. They spoke of their wives and families, their homes, their jobs, their involvement in the military service, where they had been on vacation..

Every afternoon, when the man in the bed by the window could sit up, he would pass the time by describing to his roommate all the things he could see outside the window.

The man in the other bed began to live for those one hour periods where his world would be broadened and enlivened by all the activity and color of the world outside.

The window overlooked a park with a lovely lake. Ducks and swans played on the water while children sailed their model boats. Young lovers walked arm in arm amidst flowers of every color and a fine view of the city skyline could be seen in the distance.

As the man by the window described all this in exquisite details, the man on the other side of the room would close his eyes and imagine this picturesque scene.

One warm afternoon, the man by the window described a parade passing by.

Although the other man could not hear the band – he could see it in his mind’s eye as the gentleman by the window portrayed it with descriptive words.

Days, weeks and months passed.

One morning, the day nurse arrived to bring water for their baths only to find the lifeless body of the man by the window, who had died peacefully in his sleep.

She was saddened and called the hospital attendants to take the body away. As soon as it seemed appropriate, the other man asked if he could be moved next to the window. The nurse was happy to make the switch, and after making sure he was comfortable, she left him alone.


Slowly, painfully, he propped himself up on one elbow to take his first look at the real world outside.  He strained to slowly turn to look out the window besides the bed. It faced a blank wall. The man asked the nurse what could have compelled his deceased roommate who had described such wonderful things outside this window. The nurse responded that the man was blind and could not even see the wall.

She said, ‘Perhaps he just wanted to encourage you.’


There is tremendous happiness in making others happy, despite our own situations. Shared grief is half the sorrow, but happiness when shared, is doubled. If you want to feel rich, just count all the things you have that money can’t buy. ‘Today is a gift that is why it is called The Present.

The origin of this letter is unknown, but it brings good luck to everyone who passes it on. Do not keep this letter. I pray you will forward it to all your friends to whom you wish God’s blessings.

I just reply him with this note……

Tell the same to GEO….

Especially to Hamid Mir & Kamran Khan….