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July 2, 2009

Magic gadget places six connections in single SIM

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ISLAMABAD (May 09 2009): One must wonder if told that it is possible for you to use six cellular connections with single Subscriber’s Identity Module (SIM). Experts say that there is a Magic Gadget available in the market, which enables you to have multiple connections in it. You can easily purchase the device and its driver with the instructions manual from the local markets.

“Basically, the SIM comes with no data in it, such as an audio cassette comes blank first, but you can record songs in it. The same way, you would have to purchase a blank SIM and get it loaded into a SIM card reader to load SIM data into it. The blank SIM is available in the market for Rs 250 while the cost of loading 6 SIM’s data over it is also Rs 250,” said Zawar Hussain, an IT expert, in an exclusive talk with the APP. For instance, he said, this blank SIM could be loaded with data of your Mobilink, Telenor, Zong and Warid SIMs, simultaneously.

“So you need to take along 5 SIMs to a mobile market, where someone offer such a services, to get 1 SIM in return that has all connections in it for Rs 500 only. You can keep one connection switched on at one time, and you will have to restart your phone in order to switch from one connection to another,” he added.

“It has been useful for the international traders who travel a lot, and they don’t have to carry local SIMs for each country they travel. So is the case of tourists and youth,” he added. However, Zawar Hussain noted that the Warid and Telenor SIMs may not be got copied on the same SIM which means that, if a SIM has Telenor’s data in it, then Warid’s data may not get copied and vice versa.

“If you use multiple SIMs with one mobile phone, then you can avoid opening phone and replacing SIMs with this 6 in 1 SIM. These SIM Card readers are available in all major markets of big cities, including Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Sialkot, etc,” he added.

“Never give out your SIM to any shopkeeper for copying your SIM. Instead, get this USB SIM Card Reader/Copier and do this at your home. Otherwise, the shopkeeper may keep a copy of your SIM and use it later on,” warned the expert. When contacted, Mubasher Javed Khan, a college student, confirmed that he had done so.

“This is the best modern device I ever got. However, I think it affects our normal communication on a single SIM. I am looking for a gadget that could help me use more than one connections at a time. I would also want to know if this magic SIM works on all cell phones,” he added.

Uzair Khan, another student said it would be a very pleasant experience to have six connections over one SIM. However, he asked, “What about the protection of our SIM data. What if they copy your normal SIM data and save it later on and clone your SIM card on another blank sim.” When contacted, Zawar Hussain said this could happen and one must be very careful while using such a modern gadget.

“It is easy to make copies of these SIMs and write them on any blank SIM. I would suggest that never ever give your SIM to a shopkeeper for preparing this SIM even if he doesn’t charge you. If he prepares back up of your SIM on his computer, he would be able to use your SIM, as if you yourself would be using it. Moreover, he can make as many copies as he wishes. Not only that, no one would be able to help you not even that mobile company whose SIM are you using,” he added.

However, he said one cannot copy every SIM by this copier, it can copy only old SIM and not a new SIM, as the new SIMs have better technology. The new SIM circuit is small than the old ones, as the old SIM circuit is much bigger, he concluded.

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