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September 29, 2008

Confused About Taliban? The Good Taliban, the Bad and the Ugly

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ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—At the time of 9/11, there was only one Taliban, the Afghan Taliban. Now there are several. This is not natural. It is the result of a great game that intelligence agencies from several countries are playing to confuse the situation on the Pak-Afghan border. Some, like the Indians, are using it to send trained terrorists. Others, like the Americans, are using it to support terrorists like BLA. And Russia is suspected of financing some other militants to keep the Americans tied down.


The Good Taliban is those who are patriots, they understand the situation created by the enemies of Pakistan. They support the Army and its various agencies that are all busy protecting Pakistan. The Good Taliban also includes the Afghan Taliban, who is the original Taliban. They are good not because we like or dislike their policy, but because they, too, have never attacked Pakistan or Pakistanis. They are part of the Afghan opposition to the puppet regime of Hamid Karzai and are part of the Afghan resistance to a foreign occupation, all of which has nothing to do with Pakistan.


The Bad Taliban are those who started to form various groups under the leadership of the opportunist Mullahs or Imams. Such groups formed when they found the country was rapidly slipping towards chaos and lawlessness.


The Ugly Taliban are those who are the well paid agents of the coalition that consists of India, Israel, Europe and United States, using Afghanistan as their base of operation. They are supported by the Northern Alliance and the puppet Mr. Karzai in Kabul. They have sold themselves to the enemy and are responsible for the present chaos. Their objective is to make the country weak, induce turmoil and attack the defense system and the associated personnel of the country.


This last group, the Bad Taliban, whom you can also call the Fake Taliban, is the real enemy of Pakistan.  They pose themselves as religious people and have contacts with other religious organizations in Pakistan and arrange all the suicide bombings, truck bombings, the introduction of fear and panic among the people. The BLA of Balochistan has also joined this group and is supported by the above mentioned countries.


Mr. Anwar is a Pakistani commentator. He can be reached at


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